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The 2017 Bushcare Picnic

Our annual Thank You Bushcare picnic is on Saturday 29 April 2017 at

Megalong Valley Community Hall – Save the Date! 

This year we are combining the usual lunch-time bar-b-q picnic with a camp-out on Friday 28th April, a night-time fauna survey and early morning birdwatching so – stay posted for more information coming soon!

Lunch will be at noon with our annual awards presentations at 2:00pm.

More details coming soon!


David King: Bushcare Legend 2015

David King was awarded BMCC Bushcare Legend of the Year by Deputy Mayor Chris van der Kley

David King was awarded BMCC Bushcare Legend of the Year 2015 by Deputy Mayor Chris van der Kley

To an ordinary person, the idea of founding five Bushcare groups, and keeping them sustained, year after year, with chocolate cakes and chai, through rain, hail and shine, while also juggling the demands of full time work and family, would seem like a crazy task.

But David King, son of Aunty Mary King, Gundungurra   Aboriginal elder, and member of The Gully Traditional Owners, is no ordinary person.

David is this year’s Bushcare Legend of the Year, an award presented by Council each year for outstanding achievements in the field of Bushcare.

The award is the highest level of recognition we can give anyone within the Bushcare Program. It recognises sustained efforts over many years.

David was nominated by the Bushcare staff because he is an inspirational leader and working companion. He has the sort of enthusiasm that makes everyone around him feel great. We truly don’t know where he gets his energy from.

Over the past 15 years, Mr King has enthused many local volunteers in the task of restoring and caring for the Country he holds dear.

He has established and nurtured several Bushcare and Landcare groups, including Gulunga Bushcare at Horseshoe Falls, Gibbergunyah Bushcare Group at Gloria Park, Hazelbrook, and Garang Landcare Group at Faulconbridge Lily Pond.

David is also the driving force behind the creation and success of Garguree Swampcare. With support from Council’s Environment Levy and multiple grants from the NSW Environmental Trust, Garguree Swampcare volunteers – under David King’s leadership – are restoring the degraded swamp systems within ‘The Gully’, an Aboriginal Place (adjacent to the Katoomba Sports & Aquatic Centre), managed in partnership between The Gully Traditional Owners and Council.

Thanks to years of hard work controlling weeds, planting and restoring creeklines and swamp areas, the Gully swamp systems are starting to come back to life. As the swamp recovers, the group is sharing the significance of The Gully and the cultural importance of swamps through cultural awareness workshops, walks and talks.

And as the country heals, personal connections are also thriving. Through Garguree Swampcare, people from across the Aboriginal, local and broader community have formed   personal, enduring relationships as they work together Caring for Country.

Now, Mr King is looking to inspire the custodians of the future. Most recently, he has started the Birriban Landcare group at Katoomba High School, where a whole new generation of young people are being captivated with this enthusiasm for caring for Country.

It has been a deeply personal journey for both David and his family, who are reconnecting to Country through restoring the lands that have been a part of their family for thousands of years.

Mayor Mark Greenhill said “Many people don’t realise it, but it’s often dedicated locals like these, working quietly and tirelessly in the background, that we can thank for healthy local creeks and bushland, including the birds and animals that depend on them.”

“Because year in, year out, they are helping to tackle weeds, replant native habitats, reduce stormwater pollution and restore creek lines across the City.”

“People like David King are true local legends – they’re helping to look after our local bushland, waterways and wildlife, so we can all enjoy them into the future,” said Mr Greenhill.

Council supports more than 500 community conservation volunteers across the City each year, through Council’s Environment Levy.

Jenny Hill, last year’s Bushcare Legend, presented Mr King with the Golden Trowel of Recognition at the Bushcare Picnic, held annually by Council to thank local community conservation volunteers. View the Garguree Swampcare story on youtube at


Message from Erin

Welcome to the autumn edition of the Gecko — or, as we call the online version, Gecko Live.

Thanks to those who came along to the annual Bushcare picnic. We had perfect weather for our fun day of games and activities, BBQ lunch and awards ‘ceremony’. See the article below for photos of the day. Now the office is back to the ebb and flow of the usual bushcare activities.

I would like to thank everyone for their involvement in the Bushcare survey/questionnaire. You can see the results here. The standout result was from the first question we asked: ‘How would you like to receive information about Bushcare activities?’ The most popular answer was ‘the Gecko’ with the second being ‘email from Community Co-ordinator’. For those who send out an email to their members monthly, this is very well received. So keep up the good work!

And finally, Lyndal Sullivan has been awarded the part-time Bushcare Officer position. I am delighted that she will be staying with the team.

Erin Hall

Bushcare Team Leader

The Bushcare Picnic

For those who came along to the Bushcare Picnic on the 13 April, it was a lovely day in the Megalong. We tossed a gumboot and found out about the waterbugs from the creek around the corner. We also honoured the groups that have been with us for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, with our first ever 25-year service award being presented to Centenary Glen. Thanks to the Bushcare officers for cooking up a storm and to Amy from the Environmental Sustainability Team for running the water bug activities. Here are a few photos from the day. Continue reading