2 minutes with… Rennae Loydell

Rennae has been volunteering at Bee Farm Road since 2004.

  1. What brought you to bushcare? Renae

    I live in a beautiful area of Springwood which has a stunning view of Sassafras Gully Reserve. A neighbour suggested we look into how we can better care for our ‘bigger backyard’ and so our group was formed. I enjoy gardening, so this was a great way of learning more about the native plants in our area.

  2. What are the challenges?

    Trying to get enough done each month to make a visible difference. Bushcare we all know is a slow process. However when I look back over the past 10 years, I see the progress we have made.

  3. Favourite and disliked plants?

    From a distance the bush looks green until you get closer and see the acacia wattle flowering in all its glory with beautiful yellow and cream flowers. The joy of having different varieties flower all year round is amazing. Now about a weed I don’t like. Asparagus fern is deceptively nice to look at, but has bad motives. Some of my bushcare days can be spent solely just digging it out. It’s definitely a weed that needs constant monitoring to stop its cycle. Unfortunately the birds don’t help us with their love of the berry, but this gives you motive to keep removing it from our bush.

  4. If you could invite four of the people who inspire you to dinner, who would you pick?

    I can’t go past my own family and it would have to be a table set for 12. They all inspire me in different ways. I value their company and what they say, so much more than anyone else.

By Rennae Loydell