Blue Mountains Bushcare Groups Timetable

TownshipReserve/GroupDay of MonthTimeMeeting Address
LapstoneExplorers Reserve (Grover Street)1st Saturday9:30 - 12:30Grover Street
Cox Reserve1st Saturday9:00 - 12:00Darwin Drive
Darks Common2nd Saturday9:00 - 12:00Achievement Avenue
GlenbrookGlenbrook Lagoon2nd Tuesday8:00 - 11:00Lagoon Drive
Bellata Park1st Saturday1:30 - 4:30Bellata Court
Zora's Creek4th Thursday9:00 - 12:00Wright Street
Three Gullies Landcare2nd & 4th Thursday8:00 - 12:00Bruce Road
Raymond Street Bushcare4th Saturday1:30 - 4:30Raymond Street
Bush Place2nd Saturday9:30 - 12:00Bush Place Road
Mt RiverviewMt Riverview4th Saturday1:30 - 4:30Varies upon email
WarrimooCross Street4th Saturday2:00 - 5:00Cross Street
Long Angle Gully Landcare1st Saturday1:00 - 4:00End of Rickard Road
Valley HeightsValley Heights (Benoit Park)4th Saturday9:30 - 12:30Cambridge Street
SpringwoodDeanei Reserve4th Saturday9:30 - 12:30Varies upon email
Else - Mitchell Park3rd Saturday9:30 - 12:30Frazer Road carpark
Fairy Dell3rd Sunday9:00 - 12:00Springwood Avenue
Beefarm Road Landcare4th Saturday2:00 - 4:30Beefarm Road
Birdwood Gully3rd Saturday9:00 – 12:00Boland Avenue
WinmaleeLinksview Landcare2nd Saturday1:00 - 4:00Corner Hawksbury Road and Linksview Road
FaulconbridgeJackson Park3rd Sunday1:00 - 4:00Varies upon email
WoodfordWilson Glen3rd Saturday1:30 - 4:30Varies upon email
Woodford Glen Landcare2nd Friday09:30 - 12:30Woodford Avenue
HazelbrookCoates Park4th Saturday1:30 - 4:30Varies upon email
LawsonSouth Lawson Park3rd Sunday9:00 - 12:00Varies upon email
BullaburraRedgum Park3rd Sunday1:30 - 4:30Genevieve Road
Wentworth FallsWentworth Falls Lake3rd Saturday1:00 - 4:00Various locations around the Lake
Charles Darwin Bushcare3rd Saturday9: 00 - 12:00Falls Rd, Armstrong St, Fletcher St
Jamieson Street Landcare1st Saturday1:30 - 4:30Jamieson Street
Central Park4th Thursday9:00 - 12:00Falls Road
Water Nymphs Dell3rd Saturday2:00 - 5:00Near 'Arabanoo' 23 Taylor Avenue
Franki Creek1st Saturday9:00 - 12:00Hillcrest Avenue
LeuraBrahma Kumaris Landcare1st Thursday9:30 - 12:30Stone Cottage Carpark
Sublime Point2nd Monday9:00 - 12:00Willoughby Road
Leura Cascades2nd Friday9:30 - 12:30Varies upon email
Everglades Landcare2nd and 3rd Wednesday9:00 - 12:00Varies upon email
Marmion Swamp4th Wednesday9:00 - 12:00Near 38 - 42 Marmion Road
Gordon Falls Reserve1st Tuesday9:30 - 12:30Leura Oval Carpark
Govett Street4th Saturday9:00 - 12:00Govett Street
KatoombaFriends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley2nd Saturday9:00 - 12:0010 Wells Street (Lower)
Garguree Swampcare1st Sunday9:30 - 12:30The Gully, Gates Avenue Katoomba
Minnehaha Falls4th Sunday9:30 - 12:30End of Minne Ha Ha Road
Katoomba Creek1st Friday9:30 - 12:30First Avenue
Upper Katoomba Creek4th Friday9:30 - 12:30Whitten Street
Upper Kedumba Creek1st Saturday9:00 - 12:00Pine Street
Vale Street4th Saturday9:00 - 12:00Corner of Vale and York Streets
Gulguwa2nd Wednesday9:30 - 12:30Dulhunty Street, Katoomba
Banksia Park2nd Saturday1:30 - 4:30 Winter
2:00 - 5:00 Summer
8 Bourne Street
RSPCA Landcare3rd Friday9:30 - 12:30121 Mort Street
Narrow Neck
1st Saturday
9:00 - 12:00
Glenraphael Drive (off Cliff Drive)
Medlow BathMedlow Bath Park4th Sunday1:30 - 4:30Park Entrance
BlackheathCentenary Reserve2nd Friday9:00 - 12:00End of Brentwood Avenue
Popes Glen4th Saturday9:00 - 12:00Blackheath Caravan Park Campground
Sutton Park1st Thursday9:00 - 12:00Valley View Rd/Picnic Area
Valley View Swampcare2nd Thursday9:00 - 12:00Corner of Valley View Rd and Hargraves St
Blackheath Community Farm LC
1st Saturday
1:30 - 4:30
Mountains Christian College, Thirroul Avenue
Mount VictoriaMt Victoria Bushcare/Landcare4th Sunday9:00 - 12:00Fairy Bower Picnic Area
Mount WilsonMount Wilson Bushcare2nd Friday9:00 - 12:00Various upon email
Various locationsWoody Weed Wander1st Friday9:00 - 12:00Various locations across LGA - varies upon email
Various locationsSeed Collection Group2nd Tuesday10:00 - 3:00Various locations across the LGA varies upon email
Various locationsSwampcare Program6 times per yearday
Various locationsRemote Bushcare Program - bushwalking experience required6 times per yearday