Blue Mountains Bushcare Trad Band



Glen Parry

One of the traditions of the Annual Bushcare Picnic is the sounds of bush music drifting through the camp site.  The music at the picnic is provided by the Blue Mountains Bushcare Trad Band. The band comprises of bushcare volunteers and bushcare officers who join together for a once a year bushcare picnic gig!

Mike Purtell

Mike Purtell

Playing music together is a great way for volunteers from different groups to connect and the band welcomes any  bushcarer interested in joining in.  The band has an inclusive philosophy and can cater for players of diverse abilities and musical backgrounds.

The Band is named after the introduced weed, Tradescantia fluminensis, commonly known as ‘Trad’. Trad is an invasive weed, which many bushcare volunteers are very familiar with, but it is also the shortened form for ‘Traditional’ music. Traditional music forms the basis of the musical style played by the Trad Band.

Players interested in the Trad Band should be competent with their instrument. Their instrument will also need to be acoustic for safety and logistical reasons. Sheet music can be provided for both concert pitch and transposing instruments. Chord charts and sound files can be provided to those players who prefer to play by ear.

A new web page is under construction in the groups page in the ‘All Areas’ section. It is planned to upload links to the sheet music and audio files for those wanting to check out the music.

Although the Trad Band’s main role is to provide background music for the annual Blue Mountains Bushcare picnic it can also meet informally through the year to play … just for fun!

For further information contact:

Glen Parry

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Phone:  4754 3182