Blue Mountains Frog Search – Citizen Science Project

Are you wanting to be part of this “Blue Mountains Frog Search” citizen science project?

Litoria Peronii, (common name Peron’s tree frog) on audiomoth

The ‘Blue Mountains Frog Searchcitizen science program aims to monitor three key threatened frog species around the Blue Mountains region using acoustic data loggers. These data loggers will be installed near waterbodies across various sites and allow for the detection of frog species using their unique calls. As part of the project, citizen scientists have the opportunity to manage an acoustic data logger (including installation, maintenance and retrieval), as well as learn how to identify the unique calls for each frog species and analyse the data collected. Training will also be provided in the use of mobile phone apps, such as ‘iNaturalist’ and ‘FrogID’.

Online training is currently being provided via Microsoft Teams, however this will be extended to include face-to-face workshops and field trips in the coming months. If you are interested in becoming involved in the project or would like to know more, please contact Alana at or on 0448 462 004.