Bushcare is back in business!!

Hello Bushcarers, Landcarers, Swampcarers and carers all.

We have recently received the advisory that, following much work to assess hazards following the bushfires, Bushland Reserves, Lookouts and Walking Tracks are open with some IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS. Otherwise, restrictions which have limited our activities have eased, and we can now look forward to getting back to what we do best in the natural areas that we love.

Most of our wonderful Bushcare, Landcare and Swampcare sites have come through un-damaged, however a handful have suffered significant damage. I encourage everyone to take the time to read the information below about closures remaining in place, there is some important information for all, and that we spare some thought for the sites and fellow volunteers who have been impacted by the fires and are suffering hardship as a result.


Due to recent bushfire activity in the Blue Mountains, a number of bushfire-affected bushland reserve and walking track closures remain in place.

Council’s concern for public safety is paramount. Current closures are listed below.

Please note that these closures are in fire affected areas, and the areas contain serious hazards which need to be assessed and resolved. These reserves will re-open as this process is undertaken, however it is expected that burned bushland areas will remain closed for some time.

Also in all areas please observe local conditions, look for and follow directions on signage, and please maintain your awareness of the potential for fires to ignite without warning anywhere, at any time.

Stay safe, we’ll see you out there!

Kind regards


Mt York Precinct (Mt Victoria)

  • Cox’s Road
  • Berghoffer’s Pass
  • Lockyers Line of Road
  • Lawsons Long Alley
  • Mt York Precinct / Climbing Areas

Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine, Mt Tomah

  • Happy Valley / Cathedral Creek Track
  • Cathedral of Ferns Reserve
  • Waterfall Reserve
  • Wynn’s Rock Lookout
  • Du Faurs Rocks Reserve
  • Bowens Creek Reserve

Lower Mountains

  • All bushfire-affected reserves in Winmallee, Springwood and Yellow Rock.

For further information:

  • Council and Crown reserves contact Blue Mountains City Tourism information line 1300 653 408
  • National Parks and NPWS reserves contact NPWS Heritage Centre 02 4787 8877 (9am to 4:30pm)
  • Tourist Accommodation contact Blue Mountains City Tourism info line 1300 653 408
  • Check Blue Mountains City Council website for Closure Updates and other useful information http://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/yourcommunity/walkingtracksreservesandcampgrounds
  • The Public Information and Inquiry Centre (PIIC), which has been opened to assist members of the public in relation to bushfire information. Call 1800 227 228