Community Conservation Program Review

                                                                                   by Linda Thomas (Community Weeds Officer)


Council’s Community Conservation Programs includes Bushcare, Landcare, Trackcare, Community Water Monitoring (Streamwatch) and the Bush Backyards Scheme. The Swampcare program is treated as part of Bushcare / Landcare   activities.

Under the collective program area of the Community Conservation Program (CCP), these community networks take part in on-ground environmental management of natural and built assets throughout the City. All of these programs are about partnerships between Council and community.

Community volunteers make an enormous contribution to Council’s environmental management programs, with over 500 community members volunteering annually in Community Conservation programs.

In addition to the on-ground benefits realised from these volunteer conservation programs, they also generate community capital and goodwill, and a strong sense of connection with the City’s environment.


As part of Council’s commitment to CCP a review was conducted to ensure that resources invested in these programs continue to be well directed, are responsive to community needs, and provide value for money.

The review, conducted from March to September 2013, provided an overview of the current CCP programs, the issues and challenges, and alternative strategies for the future. It included extensive community and staff stakeholder consultation.

All of the feedback received through the entire consultation process was used to inform the development of a final Community Conservation Program Plan which was adopted by Council at its meeting of 11 November 2014.

Thanks to all who participated in the consultation process.

The final CCP Plan responds to the changing community and organisational needs revealed in the review and outlines how Council will address these issues and challenges.

A copy of the final Community Conservation Program Plan 2014 and a summary of submissions received during the public exhibition and Council’s responses to submissions can be viewed in Council’s library and on the web here: