Farewell Lyndal Sullivan

from left to right Sandy Benson, Lyndal Sullivan and Matthew Chambers

Lyndal Sullivan our dedicated, long-time loved Bushcare Officer has retired explore a life of rest and relaxation…for those of you who know Lyndal know that isn’t exactly true she has lots of plans and I am sure that whatever she is involved in they will be happy to have such a wise and knowledgeable women on hand. Lyndal had been with Bushcare for March 2008 in 10 years and has achieved an enormous amount. In particular, her involvement and implementing the Swampcare, Great Grose weed walk and the remote program and completion of numerous grant projects, are a few of her major achievements.
Lyndal began as a dedicated and passionate Bushcare volunteer has also represented Katoomba Creek and was awarded legendary status in 2003. For those who know Lyndal, you would agree she is passionate about environmental management and conservation and has been extremely dedicated and hardworking team member who will be missed by the Bushcare Team. We all wish her well in the next Chapter of her life.