Freestyle Book club…what’s this??

More activites to consider when social distancing yourself but still connecting with others…

Bushcare Officer, Steve Fleischmann, has suggested to his Bushcare Groups a freestyle Bushcare Bookclub. Pick a book off the bookshelf that you have avoided reading for ages, read it and be ready to discuss when we have our check in.  The aim is to also try and organise some teleconference catch ups for bushcare days and having a subject to discuss would be a good starting or finishing point. If successful I would like to make it more like a proper book club where a book is chosen that is loosely related to Bushcare (Dark Emu, any of the Tim Low books, the Cry of the Reed Warbler etc),  we read it and discuss it.

Please feel free, if you feel anyone would be interested, and giving your volunteers my details if they would like to participate.  The details are still being finalised so watch this space. Contact Steve on