Gecko Newsletter – Spring Issue

  • Bushcare Update – Making a Difference!!
  • Annual Bushcare Awards and Picnic
  • Heartfelt Help….Garguree Swampcare and Fairmont Resort crew working together
  • New Bushcare Group – Valley View Swamp Bushcare Group or Gorillas in the Swamp (G.I.T.S)
  • Woody Weed Wanders…another new Bushcare Group!!
  • Creek Restoration the natural way, with a little help from Bushcare. 
  • Grant News
  • Trees for Climate Change – Youth Council
  • Remote Bushcare in Sassafras Gully
  • Native Truffles in the Mountains?
  • Pollinator Week – Pollinator Workshop at Wildplant Rescue
  • Vale Street Biofilter Planting
  • Is this a weed?
  • What’s on! ….Events for September, October, November and December
  • Seasonal Calendar…Blue Mountains Conservation Society

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