Beyond Bushcare: two Medlow Bath Bushcare volunteers were spotted recently removing bright pink graffiti from buildings in the park area of the reserve. A reminder of the selfless pride and care that all volunteers take in our environment. We salute you and thank you for your concern and involvement.

For future reference, however, please be aware that Council employs graffiti removal specialists. Due to the unknown substances used by vandals and the toxic nature of some removal products, which could cause harm to either people or buildings, it’s best to report all public graffiti to Council’s Contact Centre, on 4780 5000 or via Council’s website. Council’s dedicated graffiti team will then jump into action on your behalf. (If you have a smartphone, you might also like to try the free Snap Send Solve app, which lets you photograph the graffiti and send the snap off to Council.)

In the 2012/2013 financial year the cost of removing graffiti from Council assets was $335,000. This cost to the Council and ratepayers does not include the hidden costs of administration, hire of specialised equipment and replacement of assets beyond repair. Council is highly committed to the removal of graffiti.