Jamison Creek Catchment Group

Started in 2015

This group meets quarterly to discuss the projects happening in the catchment.

Jamison Creek  is a unique catchment, unique because it exists on both sides of the Great Western Highway located at Wentworth Falls and flows into the Jamison Valley finally making its way to Lake Burragorang - drinking water supply to Sydney residents. This catchment is very important , and like most catchments, is under stress from urban development introducing weeds, pollution, sedimentation and high water flow issues abound.

The Bushcare groups within this catchment (Wentworth Falls Lake Bushcare, Central Park Bushcare,  Charles Darwin Bushcare and Jamieson Street Landcare) come together for regular Catchment days learning about threatened species in the Catchment  particulalry Pherosphaera fitzgeraldii as well as Pultenaea glabra;  stormwater and bio filtration sedimentation measures to improve water quality flowing into the world heritage area downstream.

Award Winning – Jamison Creek Catchment Biofilters

Blue Mountains City Council was awarded Overall Winner in the Natural Environment Protection and Enhancement: On-Ground Works category at the Local Government NSW (LGNSW) Excellence in the Environment Awards in 2019.  Council was recognised for the Jamison Catchment Streets to Creeks project. The project worked to protect Wentworth Falls Lake and Jamison Creek from stormwater pollution and other threats posed by urban runoff. It also improved the health of swamps and waterways in Wentworth Falls as well as downstream in the World Heritage Area, and drinking water supplies.


Lachlan Garland – former coordinator of the Jamison Creek Catchment Community Group stated “The Catchment Group congratulates all those involved in the extensive work that resulted in this award. Such an award highlights the Catchment and what is so special about it. The Catchment Group and associated Bushcare Groups look forward to working to improve the Catchment even further, so it becomes an example of what can be done with hard work and persistence.”


Bushcare officer: Jane Anderson

For information, please call Council’s Bushcare Section on 4780 5623, or use the form on the Join page