Remote Bushcare Program

The Blue Mountains City Council remote Bushcare Program began in 2004, working in partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) across several adjoining land tenures.

These remote events are planned with Bushcare/Landcare Groups to extend their work further into difficult-to-access parts of the catchment. They provide an opportunity for group members to learn more about their sub-catchments and the issues they face, such as seed dispersal.

The Program coordinates with the NPWS as part of the Great Grose Weed Walk program, to reduce the number of weed propagules entering the Grose Valley and other wilderness areas.

There are four remote events each year. They require a keen eye, robust health and good plant knowledge. Good bushwalking skills required.

To learn more, visit the Remote Bushcare Program page on this site.

To participate, keep an eye on Bushcare Events emails. (Subscribe on this website.) You can find Remote event dates on this website’s events calendar.

REMOTE BUSHCARE  - Bushcare Officer Steve Fleischmann

A Bushcare volunteer once said to me that weed removal is similar to infection control in hospitals. If you do not do anything about it, the problem will worsen and cause significant problems that become more difficult to resolve. In the case of weeds, it means simplification of ecosystems. If the weeds persist in ecosystems the native plants will not thrive but if you get them when they are a small problem it is easy to resolve. The Remote Program aims to do just that.

The Remote Bushcare Program focuses on the more remote, lesser-visited sections of the Local Government Area where there may be “sleeper” patches of priority weeds across the numerous conservation landscapes of the Blue Mountains, which may threaten downstream ecosystems, such as the World Heritage Area or water catchment.

Remote Bushcare days are characterised by being longer than a regular work session and as having significant and challenging access. Additionally, we usually work with our backpacks on, as the work tends to occur along creeklines.



Bushcare officer: Steve Fleischmann

Local contact: Steve Fleischmann, phone 4780 5623, email