Swampcare Program

A specialised group that meets occasionally to care for and protect Blue Mountains swamps.

Meeting point: various locations

Swampcare takes you to some beautiful places, like the Valley View swamp at Blackheath. Swampcare events are integral to the Threatened Species program.

The program provides a series of four full day events each year, and volunteers are welcome to attend any or all of them.

Working in swamps has its own appeal and attracts regular experienced volunteers. It does not always, or even often, mean working in the mud! Most Swampcare events are suitable for new volunteers, with training provided on site. All sites are within a short walk from road edges.

To learn more, visit the Swampcare page.

To participate, watch for Swampcare updates via Bushcare Events emails (subscribe if you are not already signed up), or via this website’s events calendar.

Bushcare officer: James Bevan

Local contact: James Bevan, phone 4780 5623, email jbevan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au