International Rotarians Plant with Bushcare

???????????????????????????????On 28 May in glorious autumn weather Leura’s Gordon Falls Reserve rang to the excited chatter of an industrious group of 12 international visitors hosted by Lone Pine Bush Care Group. The visitors, mostly the partners of Rotarians, were in Australia to attend a major Rotary     conference in Sydney. To enable them to get a flavour of the real Oz, someone decided a Bush Care work day would be just the ticket.

The visitors were from a wide range of countries: Japan, USA, UK,     Argentina, Denmark, Germany. Bush Care officers Monica Nugent and Karen Hising gave the visitors some basic planting instruction, and with assistance from two Bush Care volunteers, they were soon enthusiastically at work,  fertilising, planting, staking, bagging and watering like old pros.

They proved to be hard workers and in the space of a couple of hours, managed to plant over 80 plants ranging from grasses to Banksias,   Leptospermums to Hakeas.

The visitors expressed themselves delighted with the experience. Local participants were rewarded with a pale blue Rotary International Down Under cap, and a memorable encounter with some charming people from around the world.

Article by Gil Appleton