Mt Wilson Bird Day

by Jane Anderson, Bushcare Officer

Black Faced Monarch with Chick in Nest photo by Carol Proberts

Black Faced Monarch with Chick in Nest photo by Carol Proberts

A glorious morning greeted twelve Mt Wilson Bushcare volunteers, Carol Probets and myself on 12th February this year. Libby Raines, Mt Wilson Bushcare Group’s community co-ordinator and former Bushcare Legend of the Year, had invited Bushcarers from past and present to attend and take pleasure in the place they’ve been looking after for many years. We were all delighted at the sun streaming through the gorgeous Mount Wilson panoramas.

As we walked through The Cathedral of Ferns we heard a lot of peeping from LBJs (little brown jobs) and saw some Fairy wrens and very chubby yellow breasted robins … but we were really out to see the elusive nesting Black Faced Monarch that Carol had spotted on a walk two weeks earlier. She was expecting the chicks to have hatched.

And we were in luck, with patience … We saw the chicks bobbing up and down – no regrets about the 7:00am start now! But, although we heard the parents calling, they remained in the upper canopy until we left.


Black Faced Monarch chick in nest, Mt Wilson. Photo by Carol Proberts

Thankfully, after we shared a very yummy morning tea, Carol went back and took the most beautiful photos, which she is generously allowing us to share with all you lovely Bushcarers! So please enjoy them here and again a huge thanks to Carol and to Libby for a super morning.


Black Faced Monarch Mt Wilson. Photo by Carol Proberts