News from the Bushcare Team

Spring is upon us but there are still some Wintery Bushcare activities to partake in – but if that isn’t your thing maybe a meeting or two inside a warm room is? Check out the events program for the usual interesting selection.

Happily for our environment, Bushcare is as popular as ever – we can report that in the 2014-15 year our Bushcare program committed over 7,200 volunteer hours to Council’s environmental protection work. What a massive contribution – thank you all yet again.

As many of you will already know, couple of changes are afoot with our Bushcare Officers: Jill will be away for a while to recover from a respiratory illness and Tracy has returned full of energy after her break so there has been a little reorganising of schedules. Thanks for your patience during the readjustment.

So much to do, so little time! We understand, but still hope you can accept the invitation to attend the Bushcare Network Conference 2015 on August 29th – it’s a “5th” Saturday, so no Bushcare misses out! see the advertisement in this issue.

Hoping to see you on a Bushcare site soon and that you enjoy this edition of Gecko until then – Monica, for the Bushcare Team.