Pea Tracking Project

Last evening Dr Paul Rymer presented the project that a the Western Sydney University is working on to monitor the flowering times of plants from the pea family across sandstone soils in the Blue Mountains. He discussed the findings of The Waratah Project that Botanical Gardens managed. They found there was three distinctive genetic groups amongst other findings. This lead to this research on the flowering times of Acacia and Pea plants and the interactions with insects and if the flowering times and life cycles of related insects correlate.

This Pea project has a citizen science component that a few Bushcare volunteers are currently involved with. If you are interested in your group participating in this monitoring which involves monitoring once or twice a month on site with a 50 m x 50 m plot recording the life cycle of these plants.

Here is the website that has the site sheets and more information.


Contact Paul to register a site.