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Giving bushland a chance to recover after wildfires

By Louise Brodie, Australian Association of Bush Regenerators 

The recent bushfires throughout Australia have resulted in a variety of reactions from the community. As the immediacy of the devastating effects on communities and bushland diminish, a genuine concern has emerged for the fauna and flora of our
burnt bushland. Read more

AABR are seeking your seedling photos and expertise!

The post-fire recovery has reached a phase where targeted weed removal is now possible to aid the native flora in gaining a dominant position in the landscape, creating healthy and diverse habitat.

Seedling growth and resprouting is well underway in many areas, seedling recognition resources are now being developed and we need your help! However (because of the COVID-19 restrictions) it now needs to be done by individuals working on their own properties.

 If you use Facebook and have seedling or resprouting images to share, or expertise in identification, please join in and be an enthusiastic participant in AABR’s Seedling recognition Facebook group.  AABR is also seeking quality images for inclusion in video and educational resources to support landowners with post-fire recovery.

Please email photos to or we can discuss uploading to a shared folder.

Photo usage: By posting the images to the facebook group or sending them through to AABR you would be agreeing for AABR to use your images for educational purposes on our social media platforms and website. 

Join our Seedling Recognition Facebook groupJoin our Seedling Recognition Facebook group