Rare win for habitat protection in Holroyd

Holroyd Local Government Area doesn’t have much habitat left, so when Holroyd Council was alerted by resident complaints that trees were being damaged they took quick action. Council investigators found that 4 remnant Eucalyptus fibrosa trees had holes bored into them around the base using a chainsaw and filled with an unidentified liquid. A resident also provided video footage of a man chain sawing the base of one of the trees.


chain saw cuts at base of tree

Council wrote to the owners (the property was a rental) seeking an explanation however the owners denied any knowledge of the works occurring.

In the following weeks the trees rapidly discoloured and later died and the owners lodged an Tree Preservation Order (TPO) application to remove them. Council determined the trees were of significant habitat value due to presence of hollows and the future potential of hollows. The TPO application was deferred and a Local Govt Order No 21 served to make safe the trees by removing all but the trunks and portions of the 1st order laterals.

The owners appealed Council’s Order to the LEC however the appeal was dismissed and the Court saw fit to strengthen our original Order.

The above photos were tendered as evidence.


with thanks to Jason Rothery, Landscape Technical Officer for HolroydCity Council