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Calling all “Buzzinators”   

In celebration of Pollinator week (12th – 19th November)

Can you use your November work day as a day to check your Bushcare Site Bee Hotels?

See who is using them and then email your results to phillipnelson100@gmail.com the convener of the Pollinator website and we will start to compile a list of who’s who – and where…

You can get an idea of which bees you have on site by checking how they are closing up the nest hollows in your Bee Home. Check out Megan Halcroft’s www.beesbusiness.com.au – a very valuable resource!

And this spring remember Pollinators need Food – flowers, shelter and water.

And if your Bushcare site does not have a Bee Hotel do not despair! In early 2018 we will be running another bee hotel making workshop in the lower Mountains. Watch This Space … details coming soon!

The Pollinators

Following up on the great success of the Native bee hotel making workshop at the annual Bushcare picnic in April, Bushcare is launching “The Pollinators” group web page … an online tool for everyone to get involved and post what pollinators are in the hotels, any information you have or would like and gain access to recources and events about pollinators – bees, flies, butterflies, birds …

The coordinator for this page is Phil Nelson, I think you will all remember him from the day – very busy with a drill in hand.

So send your information to him via email and he will upload it to the page.

Phillip Nelson phillipnelson100@gmail.com

And get ready for Pollinator count in November … and some butterfly hilltopping activities …


Australian Pollinator Week Glenbrook Native Plants Reserve

Bee approaching blue flowers courtesy of Megan Halcroft beesbusiness

Carpenter Bee approaching blue flowers courtesy of Megan Halcroft beesbusiness

Glenbrook Native Plants Reserve is hosting an Australian Pollinator Week event this Saturday, 26 November 2016 between noon and 4pm.

For more information about Australian Pollinator Week check out: http://beesbusiness.com.au/pollweekmain.html

Local resident Bronwen Roy, bee researcher and enthusiast from Western Sydney University will be hosting an Australian Pollinator Week event at the Glenbrook Native Plants Reserve (Great Western Highway, Glenbrook, opposite the Information Centre) . She will have a stingless bee hive, solitary bee hotels for sale and will conduct a pollinator count at 2 O’Clock in the afternoon.

Amphylaeus morosus_BeesBusiness

Amphylaeus morosus courtesy of Megan Halcroft beesbusiness