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Blaxland Scouts lend a hand to Bushcare in Glenbrook

1st Blaxland Scouts in Action

1st Blaxland Scouts in Action at Bush Place, Glenbrook

The newly formed Bushcare group at Bush Place, Glenbrook welcomed the assistance of local cub scouts and their parents from the 1st Blaxland Scout group at their recent meetup.

Ten year old Otto Timmins elected to assist a community group as part of his work towards the “gold boomerang” badge and, with the assistance of his father, made contact with the coordinator of the group to arrange the visit.


Otto Timmins doing Bushcare to work towards his “Gold Boomerang” badge – and he worked hard all morning!

Having the scouts on-board proved to be a fabulous help to the group, achieving much more than could ever have been achieved in a normal 3 hr Saturday session. The boys were a happy addition to the team being keen learners and helpers with a real passion for the natural environment. They truly added to the enthusiasm to our already passionate bush-carers.

We welcome the assistance of other Scouts whenever they can spare the time and are happy to assist Scouts in achieving badge competencies in the future.

A Win-Win for all parties!  Many thanks 1st Blaxland Scout Group!

Helen McFadden, Bush Place, Glenbrook, Bushcare Group


Alex James also put a lot of effort into helping weed African Lovegrass