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Virtual Insight – Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

Keep abreast with Blue Mountains Cultural Centre VIRTUAL INSIGHT program, a curated selection of digital content, featuring DIY art making activities, staff insights into our collection and exhibitions, book and game recommendations, wholesome food recipes from our café and much more. We will feature local artists, creatives and makers and invite you to contribute with your ideas and stories.

During these uncertain times and with many events and programs suspended, we aim to provide our community with some positive content and activities to keep you sane, busy and inspired – all accessible online and for free.


Blue Mountains Botanica

In 2018 we brought you Blue Mountains Botanica, a stunning and historical exhibition that explored the unique vegetation of the Blue Mountains region. Read more…

Fungi Survey and Print Tutorial (for all ages)

Local printmaker Freedom Wilson has the help of two budding artists Zoe and Pia in this fungi survey and print making tutorial. Explore your local surroundings to find interesting fungi… Read more

Our Favourite Bushwalks

Some of our team members have recommended their favourite bushwalks for you as we dream of exploring the beautiful Blue Mountains again soon. Make sure you check out the appropriate National Parks or Blue Mountains City Council websites to ensure these walks are open before you visit. See more…

Photos – Backyard Fungi Foray

Our Bushcare Team members are already taking photos around their homes and we came across these small bright red fungi showing Cruentamycena viscidocruenta (left and centre photos) growing on the wood pile and this strange red tentacle fungi – Aseroe rubra (right photo).

These fungi have important roles in the landscape including erosion prevention, forming mycorrhizal relationships with plants, food for animals and invertebrates, and the breakdown and recycling of nutrients from wood and other dead plant material.

What do you need? Armed with just a camera / mobile phone with the flashlight and a keen eye – these small, yet inconspicuous fungi can show a veritable range of brilliant colours and shapes.

So how can we identify these fungi? Our Bushcare volunteer ‘fungi expert’ Liz Kabanoff says by using inaturalist you can upload your own photo and it will try and work out what it is. If the picture is good, it works very well. Also take note of the substrate the mushroom is growing on (soil, woodchip, rotting wood,  living wood, moss, insect etc) which will help rule things out. Other people may comment on your specimen and offer an ID.

Check Liz’s inaturalist project – Fungi in the Blue Mountains to see the incredible range of fungi that you may find. CLICK the link below.


Why not try this yourself to see what fungi lives around your home?

Remember to send in your photos .

Fungi Foray

Saturday, 6th April 2019 

Join us on Fungi Foray in the Lower Mountains.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about different fungi and where to look for them? Volunteer Liz Kabanoff has offered to lead us into this fascinating and colourful world and help identify down to the genus level. You don’t need any previous knowledge, just a keen eye for spotting and an interest to learn more.

If you want to learn more about Liz’s projects at Fungi Fairy Dell, Springwood and Fungi at Else Mitchell Park, Springwood see her websites. www.inaturalist.org/projects/fungi-in-the-blue-mountains-nsw