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Katoomba Creek Remote

Continue the great work done by volunteers over 16 years in a remote section of Katoomba Creek. Bush regeneration and bushwalking experience is essential as there is off-track walking and wading along the creek.

Morning tea and lunch supplied by Hominy.

This is a joint NPWS and BMCC activity, and numbers are limited.  Please book by Monday 11 March by email Grant on (02) 4787 3112 or grant.purcell@environment.nsw.gov.au”


Ruths Revenge

Members of the Minnehaha Bushcare group were joined by about twenty of Ruth Ley’s friends on Saturday 1st April to celebrate Ruth’s birthday at the Minnehaha picnic area. Ruth was one of the founding members of the Minnehaha Bushcare group and was an active member for 25 years. She was also a founding member of the Katoomba Creek Group and active for 20 years, as well as being an active member of 3 other groups.

One of Ruth’s missions in Bushcare was to rid Yosemite and Katoomba creeks of Montbretia. Her many friends gathered to help continue her legacy in getting revenge against the Montbretia in Yosemite Creek. They also helped to install a plaque in her honour and planted a memorial garden adjoining the Bushcare site. The group would like to thank all of Ruth’s friends who made contributions towards the memorial plaque.

Following many weeks of miserable weather, we were very grateful to be treated to a glorious sunny day to work together and enjoyed morning tea, including date muffins and other goodies. We then shared some of our favourite memories of Ruth, who was a good friend and inspiration to us all. The group plans to continue this tradition on 1st April each year.

Ruth Ley

A tireless and founding member

of Minnehaha Bushcare Group

(from 1991 to 2016). Friend and

protector of this land.

An inspiration to Bushcarers

who continue Ruth’s legacy.


Katoomba Creek – Remote

Continue the fantastic combined efforts of BMCC and NPWS volunteers in another remote section of Katoomba Creek searching for weeds. Bush regeneration and bushwalking experience is needed.

This activity involves off track walking and wading along the creek. This is a joint NPWS & BMCC activity and numbers are limited. Morning tea and lunch supplied. Book with Lyndal on 4780 5623 or lsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au  by Monday 13th Feb.


Katoomba Creek Remote Bushcare

A full day of weeding and bushwalking to continue the work in a rugged part of Katoomba Creek.  Some bush regeneration and bushwalking experience is needed.  This involves off track walking and creek wading.  A joint NPWS – BMCC activity. Numbers limited.  Lunch and morning tea provided.  Book with Lyndal on 4780 5623 or lsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au  by  Thursday 24th Nov.


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Farewell to Ruth Ley

Accepting Minnehaha groups 20 year award in 2012

Accepting Minnehaha groups 20 year award in 2012

Music and nature were Ruth’s lifelines during her early years – they nurtured her and she wanted to give something back.

Ruth loved to get her hands dirty to help the bush. She proudly proclaimed her obsession with Bushcare, and backed that up with an impressive 25 years of volunteer work.

Ruth was a founding member of both Katoomba Creek and Minnehaha Falls Bushcare Groups and also worked with the Brahma Kumaris, Leura Park and Upper Katoomba Creek groups for many years.

Bushcare was never limited to monthly workdays, there was always something to check. She was the first to raise the alarm about the forest of broom seedlings emerging in early 2003 after the fires that roared through Govetts, Katoomba & Yosemite Creeks. This then flourished into catchment coordination. She played a big part in driving the massive effort to ensure that these creeks were not overrun by weeds. Ruth knew that tea and muffins were the key to success, ensuring a good supply of both as well as keeping everything ticking over in the background.

The Grose Valley and Bushcare will miss her – always there facilitating others if she couldn’t be there herself, or contributing to the bigger picture with  planning.

Ruth loved to get her gum boots on and rid the creeks of Montbretia. She was acutely aware of the small window of opportunity for treating it and often rallied support to join her for a bit of extra “guerrilla weeding”.

The Minnehaha Falls Bushcare Group is planning to run “Ruth’s Revenge” on her birthday next year to target Montbretia – Saturday 1st April, and would love Ruth’s friends to join them on the day.

Fencing at Minnehaha

Fencing at Minnehaha


Remote Bushcare @ Katoomba Creek

Come along and continue the fantastic work in another remote section of Katoomba Creek, searching out weeds.  This remote has off-track walking and wading in the creek.  Experience required &  numbers are limited.

This is a joint NPWS/BMCC event. Please book with Lyndal by 14th February 2015.