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UNSW Chinese Students Association lends a helping hand to Katoomba Falls

UNSW Chinese Students Association helping out with planting at Katoomba Falls

UNSW Chinese Students Association helping out with planting at Katoomba Falls

Our fabulous Blue Mountains put on a text-book Winter’s day for a small group of students from the University of New South Wales on July 14 – bright sunshine and crisp (cold) air – perfect for planting ferns along the newly refurbished walking track at Katoomba Falls.

The group may have been small but the amount they got done was not! Working with contractors engaged by Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) who prepared the holes ready for planting, 120 Blechnum nudum, Gahnia sieberiana and Lomandra longifolia were very quickly in the ground, watered and protected from frost and wind with tree fern fronds.

The students were so enthusiastic and energetic that once the plants were in, we had plenty of time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some delicious, locally produced biscuits before walking to the lookout, guided by Monica from the Bushcare Team.

Hopefully this was just the first of many more days such as this one, which not only showcased one of our local icons but also the wonderful work that BMCC is doing to protect the World Heritage on our doorstep

Chinese students Katoomba Falls

Vincent shows us how its done

Chinese students at Katoomba Falls

Edol, Mindy, and Vincent wasted no time getting in amongst it

Protecting the Dwarf Mountain Pine “Yarn, Feed and Weed”

The Bushcare Groups working in the Katoomba Falls Creek Valley are hosting their second “Gully Get Together” with a theme of protecting the catchment of the Dwarf Mountain Pine (previously known as Microstrobos, now Pherosphaera fitzgeraldii).

All are welcome! We’ll meet at Katoomba Falls Reserve for:

  • A presentation about how our environment levy funded works are protecting the Dwarf Mountain Pine by looking after its whole catchment;
  • Morning Tea, over a yarn up about The Gully (Aboriginal Culture Talk) a look at maps of the area and the bush regeneration plan for managing this important place;
  • A short weeding session at Maple Grove.