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Australia’s Environment in 2019: scorecard for the Greater Sydney region

The Australian National University recently released Australia’s Environment in 2019, which I hope you may find interesting and useful in your activities. The aim of the report is to annually report on the condition and trajectory of our natural resources and ecosystems. It is based on analysis and interpretation a large volume of satellite, station and survey data.

The report comes in different forms: a national summary report, a 30min webinar, a visual data explorer and environmental scorecards for all regions across Australia. All can be accessed via http://www.ausenv.online .

How did Greater Sydney region go?

Greater Sydney is one of 60 NRM Regions in Australia. This report card summarises changes in the region’s national resources and ecosystems in 2019. CLICK here to view

You can also access scorecards for any other region, including any National Parks, catchment, bioregion, Ramsar site or local government area within your region, via this link.