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Take part in the ‘Recent Ecological Change in Australia’ Survey!

Over the past century, average land surface temperatures have risen by almost 1° C across the Australian continent. Models suggest this may have already had significant impacts on Australia’s ecosystems and biodiversity in some areas, but these impacts have not been systematically investigated.

CSIRO Land and Water and the Department of the Environment and Energy are undertaking an exciting project to collect stories and anecdotes that will help build a national picture of ecological change (or lack there-of) that has been observed in the past 10-20 years or more. We are looking for people with strong links to Australian environments (e.g. farmers, natural resource managers, ecologists, naturalists) to share their stories for an area they know well, including perceptions of the presence or absence of different types of recent ecological change.

To participate, you would need to be able to select a natural area (e.g. your local region or farm, a Nature Reserve, urban bushland) that you have been familiar with for at least the last 10 years. Note that we are interested both in areas where change has been observed and where change has not been observed.

The survey will take about 30 minutes – please click here to undertake the survey.

For further information please contact Suzanne.Prober@csiro.au

“BIODIVERSITY NEAR ME” Wildlife Survey Camp


Sugar Glider in Blue Gum Swamp by Peter Smith

Wildlife spotlighting & fauna survey

Bushcare, Landcare, Swampcare and Bush Backyards Volunteers – do you want to know more about the fauna of the mountains? How healthy is the biodiversity of your Bushcare site? Here is your chance to learn more – by attending this free survey workshop with renowned experts Judy Smith, Peter Smith, Anne Carey, Meredith Brainwood and Carol Probets.

Arrive on Friday afternoon for a briefing, lay out traps and to set up camp. Then on Friday evening we’ll learn how to monitor wildlife using survey techniques such as hair tubes, sand and elliot traps, listen to owl calls, search for bats and spotlight for other fauna. We’ll also have short presentations before bed. 

Saturday morning begins at 7am with a bird watch survey with Carol and checking traps with Anne and Meredith. Hear about the fauna and how to monitor it and gather important data about the biodiversity of the Megalong  Valley. A second bird walk with Carol will be at 10:30 am.

Camping is free but self catered – bring your own camping gear, dinner and breakfast. Afternoon tea and supper is provided. Camping is at Megalong Valley Community Hall, Megalong Valley Reserve. Stay for lunch at the annual Bushcare Picnic there on Saturday 29 at noon!

Registration is essential — contact Monica Nugent on 47805528 or mnugent@bmcc.nsw.gov.au to register before Wednesday April 19

Monarch on Nest photo by Carol Probets

The Biodiversity Near Me Survey is generously funded by the NSW Office of the Environment and Heritage