The Conservation Volunteers

This London based group has very simular aspects to Bushcare, but the name and tasks associated with it are area specific. The two pieces of   interest are their deadwood hedges and their insect hotels.

Lesley volunteers for half the year with Mt Victoria Bushcare Group and the other half with a local group in Camden, Nth London that meets twice a week to care for a range of open spaces from woodlands to meadows, all in a large capital city. TCV is open to all who want to volunteer. A work session could see people building deadwood hedges, clearing weeds, building insect hotels, doing path maintenance and planting wild flower seeds. “It provides a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and connect with nature”.

TCV have been active since 1959 and more information about the history can be found here:

Insect hotel

insect hotelThis insect hotel is in a small green space just down the road from Lesley, which the group cares for. This is an insect hotel (left) which is designed to provide a habitat for solitary bees and bumblebees, leaf cutters and the like.


HedgeThe deadwood hedge is habitat for insects and small birds.