Trees for Climate Change

Trees for Climate Change – Youth Council By Jenny Hill

The Blue Mountains Youth Council launched ‘Project Plant It’ (a project all about impacting our planet) in conjunction with National Tree Planting Day in July.

‘Project Plant It’ aims to plant trees to stop climate change and to learn about why it is good to maintain trees and our environment.

The Youth Councillors worked in partnership with Winmalee Primary, Blue Mountains City Council’s Healthy Waterways team, BMCC Youth Council officer, Bushcare and Bush Regeneration teams and community volunteers from the Deanei Reserve, Springwood.

121 plants local to the area were planted. Congratulations to Ellie, Eva, Ian, Izac, Jules and Adisen (youth councillors) for a great launch and a big thanks to Nathan Summers, Gillian Fitzgerald, Monica Nugent, the bush regeneration team and the Deanei bushcare volunteers

Youth Council engaging with Winmalee Primary School launching ‘Project Plant It’
Winmalee school kids help planting some native species
Nathan Summers, Bushcare Officer, talking about the importance of our native euclapyt trees.