Waterbug Watch is happening in the Gully

WaterBug Watch is a citizen science project developed by the Australia Museums Streamwatch team to discover what freshwater invertebrates live in your area.

The Sydney region has been modified by urbanisation and human activities. This has resulted in a loss of ecosystem integrity and consequently degraded water quality in aquatic environments. The impact on these aquatic environments has affected the abundance and diversity freshwater invertebrates across Sydney.

The project aims to apprentice students and the community into scientific techniques and research.

The project involves sampling your local freshwater creek or waterway between Saturday 6 – Sunday 21 September 2014. The gully will be doing the sampling on the 7th September at the workday.

Waterbug watch is open to community organisations and school

For questions or enquiries, please email the Streamwatch team on streamwatch@austmus.gov.au or follow us on Twitter@StreamwatchNSW