Week 2: Native Plants of the Blue Mountains Crossword Puzzle

Below is the link for our second crossword puzzle – Native Plants of the Blue Mountains . Most of the clues can be found in Native Plants Of The Blue Mountains by Margaret Baker and Robin Corringham.

Our aim is to post a new crossword each week on the Bushcare Website with answers listed the following week on www.bushcarebluemountains.org.au.

If you have some great ideas for our themed crosswords…or wanting to test your own crossword (and possibly cryptic) skills then contact Karen Hising on khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au 


CLICK on the link below and follow the instructions to either fill in online or print a hard copy.

Week 2: Native Plants of the Blue Mountains Crossword Puzzle


  1. CLICK on the clue listed under Across or Down – and this will highlight the corresponding boxes (purple) to fill in on the crossword.
  2. To TYPE in the answer CLICK on the purple highlighted box in the crossword and start typing your answer (a correct answer turns the boxes green). If your answer was incorrect then use the backspace to delete then try again for this answer only!!
  3. To RESET ANSWERS (all answers) scroll down the screen  below the crossword and CLICK Reset Answer (red button)

To PRINT a Hardcopy scroll down the screen below the crossword and CLICK Print My Puzzle (purple button)

Answers to Week I: Weeds of the Blue Mountains

Across 3.  Mother 6.   Cat 9.  Elder 10.  Boneseed 12.  Cassia 14.  Cherry 15.  Lantana 20.  Broom 21.  Ochna 22.  Cestrum 24.  Balloon 27.  Madeira 28.  Asparagus 29.  Moth 30.  Turkey 31.  Ivy 32.  PeriwinkleDown  1. Ginger 2.  Butterfly 4.  Tutsan 5.  Trad 7.  Privet 8.  Holly 9.  Erica 11.  Erigeron 13.  Japanese 14.  Crofton 16.  Coreopsis 17.  Pampas 18.  Dogwood 19.  Blackberry 23.  Kniphofia 25.  Gorse 26.  Jasmine