Week 3: Native Birds of the Blue Mountains Crossword Puzzle

Exciting news…the continuation of the Blue Mountains crosswords series is here featuring Native Birds found around our Bushcare sites. All answers can be found in Birds Of The Blue Mountains by Margaret Baker and Robin Corringham.

And remember, for all you fledging crossword creators send your ideas to Karen Hising on khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au 


CLICK on the link below and follow the instructions to either fill in online or print a hard copy.

Week 3: Native Birds of the Blue Mountains Crossword Puzzle


  1. CLICK on the clue listed under Across or Down – and this will highlight the corresponding boxes (purple) to fill in on the crossword.
  2. To TYPE in the answer CLICK on the purple highlighted box in the crossword and start typing your answer (a correct answer turns the boxes green). If your answer was incorrect then use the backspace to delete then try again for this answer only!!
  3. To RESET ANSWERS (all answers) scroll down the screen‚  below the crossword and CLICK Reset Answer (red button)

To PRINT a Hardcopy scroll down the screen below the crossword and CLICK Print My Puzzle (purple button)

Answers are below: Week 2 Native Plants of the Blue Mountains Crossword Puzzle

Across 1. Gleichenia 2. Bottlebrush 6. Shrub 8. Boronia 9. Lambertia 11. Actinotis 12. Mistletoe 14. Sword 15. Climber 16. Cassytha 18. Lomandra 19. Hopbush 20. Leptomeria 22. Goodenia 23. Deanei 26. Acmena 27. Sundew 29. Pittosporum 30. Wombat 31. Kangaroo 34. Prostanthera 35. Doryphora 36. Grevillea 37. AngophoraDown 1. Geebung 3. Tasmannia 4. Spinulosa 5. Melaleuca 7. Hardenbergia 10. Blechnum 13. Ceratopetalum 17.Telopea 21. Oreades 24. Isopogon 25. Turpentine 28. Wombat 32. Acacia 33. Doodia