Swampcare takes you to some beautiful places, like the Kittyhawke Swamp at Wentworth Falls shown in the photo below.

Kitty Hawke Swamp 2014
Kitty Hawke Swamp 2014 Photo Adam Knott

Swampcare events are integral to the Threatened Species program. The Swampcare program provides a series of full day events each year from Hazelbrook to Blackheath.

Volunteers are welcome to attend any or all of these events.  Working in swamps has a particular appeal for some and attracts regular experienced volunteers.   It is not always or even often working in the mud! Most Swampcare events are suitable for new volunteers as training is provided on site. All sites involve only a short walk in from road edges.

All tools and safety equipment are provided by the Bushcare officer in attendance. Since 2008 Hominy Bakery has been providing volunteers with delicious goodies for morning teas and sandwiches for lunches. One volunteer was recently quoted to say “you know the food is good when everyone is quiet”.

To participate, please RSVP for individual or all events on the events calendar. Be sure to watch for Swampcare updates via Bushcare Events emails (subscribe if you are not already signed up). To join the swampcare email list contact James Bevan jbevan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au.

More information

You can learn more about swamps below:

Blue Mountains Swamps Scientific Determination

About swamps

Fauna found in swamps

Flora found in swamps

Swamps worked on during 2021-22 are:

  • Rocklea St Swamp, North Hazelbrook
  • Kittyhawke Swamp, Wentworth Falls
  • Water Nymphs Dell Swamp, Wentworth Falls
  • Planetary Health Initiative, Katoomba
  • Popes Glen, Blackheath

Promotions and activities are coordinated with the NPWS volunteer program. Jointly organised events enables work to occur on both Council land and in National Parks, such as the Kittyhawke Swamp in North Wentworth Falls.

 Peter working on Erica in kittyhawke swamp
Peter working on removing Erica in Kittyhawke swamp photo Paul Vale

The following technical fact sheets provide detailed further information on Blue Mountains Swamps.

Blue Mountains Water Skink

Iron Bacteria

Water Cycle In Blue Mountains Swamps

Threats To Blue Mountains Swamps

Giant Dragonfly