2 Minutes with Ray Richardson

Ray is the coordinator for the North Lawson bushcare group that has recently partnered with the home school network.

What brought you to Bushcare?

I was concerned with the amount of weeds in public areas and I have environmental concerns. I also have a love of indigenous vegetation.

What are the challenges (if any) you find both positive and negative?

Getting enough people coming along to bushcare to keep the group going was always a concern and the size of the site and the weed population on the site.

The positives are seeing the differences we are making and seeing that the plants we have planted have taken off. I also appreciate the public who comment on how good the site is looking.

What is your favourite/most hated plant and why?

Ray RichardsonMy favourite is any Grevillea, as there is such a variety of shape, form and habit and they are hardy.

I also claim to have the largest Grevillea Bronze Rambler in the mountains as the trunk has a girth the size of a dinner plate.

My most hated plant is Blackberry as it is difficult to remove and reinfests so easily. You also need to be well equipped to deal with it due to the thorns.

If you could invite four of the people who inspire you to dinner, who would you pick?

I would pick Barry Humphries and his various characters, Gough Whitlam, Bruce Beresford and Robin Williams the presenter on the ABC science show.