BMCC Biodiversity Conservation Community Workshops

Council is currently developing a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy that will help determine how biodiversity is managed in the Local Government Area for the next decade.  As valued organisations in the community, Bushcare and Landcare’s insights and expertise are invaluable to this initiative.  We would like to invite Bushcare and Landcare members to join us in shaping our Biodiversity Conservation Strategy by contributing their thoughts, feedback, and knowledge at one of our FREE Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Community Workshops.  We encourage you to share the Workshop details with the Bushcare and Landcare networks.

Workshop Details:

Online Workshop via Zoom – Friday, 3 November – 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

In-Person Workshop – Saturday, 4 November – 10:30 am – 1:00 pm – Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub – Springwood.

Complimentary light finger food will be provided.  Please bring a keep cup or reusable cup for beverages and inform us of any dietary restrictions when registering.  If attendees are involved in biodiversity conservation programs, they are welcome to bring flyers for promotional purposes.

Attendees need to register their attendance for either the ONLINE workshop or the IN-PERSON workshop as spots are limited.

Additionally, we will have an “open mic” segment at both Workshops to allow community members to shine a spotlight on biodiversity conservation initiatives.

The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is designed to encapsulate our commitment to reducing biodiversity decline and maintaining biodiversity within our region.  As we document our vision for the next decade, we are looking to establish clear objectives and methodologies for managing invasive species, habitat restoration and facilitating the recovery of threatened species.  The cornerstone of our Strategy’s success is collaboration.  We envision a symbiotic partnership between Council, residents, industry, local and regional organisations, experts, and most significantly, our Traditional Custodians, whose unique and profound relationship with the land has so much to offer us in knowledge and wisdom.  Our collective aim is to understand our current position in 2024, envisage our aspirations for 2034 and chart a pro-active course to that future.  Although we are building upon a legacy of significant achievements, this strategy is a pivotal evolution in our community-driven approach to biodiversity conservation.

Workshop Objectives:

•      To discern and address potential gaps in the Strategy.

•      To ensure the Strategy is comprehensive, touching upon every facet of biodiversity conservation.

•      To share new information on biodiversity conservation in the Blue Mountains with the community and delineate the roles both the Council and residents can play.

These Workshops will give you the opportunity to:

•      Have your say on biodiversity conservation in the Blue Mountains.

•      Discover new measures to protect plants and animals in our region.

•      Gain insights into our unique biodiversity.

•      Learn about the Council’s initiatives for biodiversity protection.

•      Contribute to the 10-year conservation blueprint for the Blue Mountains.

•      Hear from experts in the realm of plant and animal conservation.

Your attendance and participation will greatly enhance the diversity and depth of insights in the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

Please join us as we come together, combine our wisdom and craft a vision for a sustainable and biodiverse future.  Your voice and opinions are important and we look forward to your contribution.