The Bush Backyards Scheme: supporting residents to protect biodiversity in their backyards

What is Bush Backyards?Bush backyards logo

The Bush Backyards Scheme was started by Blue Mountains City Council in 2004 to support those people who are committed to conservation outcomes on their land, but are not part of a Landcare group. Bush Backyards represents a Council and community partnership which supports  private landowner contributions to bushland management and implementation of sustainable land management. The scheme contributes to habitat protection goals and decreases the weed burden across the local government area, reducing impacts on bushland reserves. With 7,750 ha of bushland on private properties and 744 blocks adjoining the National Park, supporting landowners to manage their properties for conservation is fundamental to protecting native fauna and flora habitats across the region.

What’s new?

In 2012-2014, all Community Conservation Programs, including Bush Backyards, were reviewed by Council in consultation with the community. As a result of the review, some changes to the Bush Backyards Scheme were made. The changes include: agreement by participants to implement an agreed property management plan; and different levels of support, depending on habitat values on the property. The new scheme now differentiates between Level 1 and Level 2 properties. A Level 1 property represents limited habitat values. A Level 2 property contains significant habitat values such as larger tracts of bushland, extends and connects high quality habitats across the urban – bushland interface, or includes scheduled vegetation communities or threatened species habitat. Each level in the scheme qualifies the landowner for increasing degrees of material and technical support.

“Do you have bushland on your property?  Do you need help tackling weeds?”

Are you interested in learning more about the bushland where you live and how you can help protect it? Would you like to connect with   other  conservation-minded landowners? If you’re a Blue Mountains resident with bushland on your property, you are invited to join the Bush Backyards Scheme. You will be joining 17 other landowners who have committed to managing their own properties.  17 landowners in the scheme represents 91 hectares of bushland!!! We know there are others of you out there who would also love to do their bit to  protect, enhance and improve native plant and animal  habitat, and control weeds on their properties.

Support from Council: The most important criteria for inclusion in is your commitment to manage your property. Once you join Bush Backyards Council offers on site property planning advice, helps you to write a property management plan, provides small amounts of material support, and workshops to improve skills and knowledge, as well as help with grant management.

Take action today: To book a visit from Council or to find out more about

Bush Backyards contact Linda Thomas, Community Conservation Officer

on 4780 5612  or