Vale David McNally

Bushcare Officers and volunteers were very saddened by the passing of David McNally in May this year. He was a lovely energetic member of the Friends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley Bushcare Group for many years. David dedicated many hours to caring for the Gully and routinely lost himself in the world of weeds when bushcaring at both Kedumba Creek and the Friends groups. David is pictured 2nd from left in the photo of 2015 Seniors Citizens of the Year on page 4.

His most recent contribution was to very enthusiastically help plant 40 ferns along the path leading from Wells St Katoomba into the Gully for others to enjoy for many more years to come. He will be missed with his gentle ways and groovy dungarees, always with a pen in the top pocket (something his Bushcare Officers were always grateful for!)

Thank you David for all your effort and enthusiasm, we remember you with warm hearts.