What is your animal personality?

We are all a part of the same Animalia Kingdom, Country and Bushcare Community. So which species do you closely share a personality with?

The Social Butterfly

Gang Gang Cockatoos

Do you usually have brunch plans every weekend? Are you the charismatic one in the group? Do you find yourself getting bored easily and require regular stimulation or entertainment. Are you know to have a funky hair do? Well, you might find yourself hanging out with the Gang Gang Cockatoos.

The Shy One

Greater Glider

Do you hate being the centre of attention? Do you prefer a solitary life? a bit of a home body. Do you often find yourself snug and wrapped up in a blanket? Are you a little bit clumsy at times when out in the world? Well say hello to your spirit animal – the Greater Glider

The Fitness Fanatic

Giant Burrowing Frog

Do you consider yourself to be at the top of your fitness game? with a physique emulating power and perseverance, a product of dedication to your routine. Do you often find yourself hanging out at the local pools and waterholes? You may find yourself comparing muscles with the Giant Burrowing Frog.

Fighting Spirit

Spotted-Tail Quoll

Do you stand up for what you believe in? Are you fiercely loyal to those close to you? Do you find yourself getting into heated debates including over parking spots? or taking a bite at someone if they are in the wrong. You may be more similar to the Spotted- Tail Quoll than you think.