Bushcare closed this weekend

Hello Bushcarers,

Due to the current and widespread emergency situation, I must take the action to close down all bushcare activities in the Blue Mountains this weekend.

I regret having to make this decision, but to take proper responsibility for the safety of everybody that is the only option available.

Emergency services have advised that in addition to direct risk to people in bushland areas, non essential travel during this period will increase risk and congestion in vital transport routes. They ask that we avoid non essential travel, and maintain awareness and readiness at home, or carry out a plan to leave the area early.

Lastly, it is with sadness I must mention that there are a number of people in our community who are suffering, and potentially will suffer, tremendous loss. I have to conclude that some members of the Bushcare community will be among them. I know we all are sparing thought for everyone who has been hurt. In an extraordinary situation such as this, it is often the coming together of ordinary people which will create the extraordinary support and response to help our community, and therefore our environment, recover from great loss. I think of the Bushcare community in the Blue Mountains, and I see a strong organisation of ordinary people who have extraordinary within them. I would take comfort to think that as we emerge from this emergency to learn the true loss, that the Bushcare community might find a way to use our strong organisation to support our people in need. Just a thought.

My thoughts are with everybody going through this emergency. I will be back with updates as information comes to hand.

Stay safe.