We have posted this on the Blue Mountains City Council Facebook. If you know any other person or organistation intereseted in helping to save wildlife – please pass this onto them.

Mammals, birds and reptiles are needing your help to survive!! The ongoing extreme bush wildfire event around the Blue Mountains and across the State has had a devastating impact on our forests and vegetation resulting in major loss or destruction of fauna habitats, refuges and their food source. Many creeks are dry and normal water supply sources are very low. Animals are under considerable stress and under these conditions there is often much displacement.

Actions you as residents and bushcare volunteers can do to provide a safe refuge for native fauna around your homes

  • Provide drinking water for all types of animals, birds and reptiles.
    • Birds – A range of shallow curved-floored bowls and bird baths can be used by both large and small birds and animals. Keep in a shady but open area and where possible place near a shrub to provide refuge.
    • Terrestrial animals– Many terrestrial animals may need to drink including reptiles, echidnas and bandicoots.  Poultry drinkers are better than open dishes for terrestrial animals and arboreal mammals.
    • Arboreal mammals – Some species such as the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum receive adequate water from their diet, but supplementary water can be provided by securing a Poultry Drinker in branches of trees using ropes and ladders.
  • Things to think about
    • Be aware of predators – keep pets (cats and dogs) away and raise water on a pedestal to limit predation.
    • Reduce risk of drowning by animals – avoid deep dishes that limit access in and out
    • Avoid using metal bowls that heat up in the sun.
    • Place water and refuges near trees and shrubs
    • Keep water clean and refilled
    • Provide shade and safe refuge where possible – rocks, logs, pipes and man-made structures.
    • Suggestion – keep your cats and dogs inside